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 Season 2

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PostSubject: Season 2   Mon May 11, 2009 2:46 pm

First show:
Friday, 22/05/2009

OriginalB VS thee chris
Kane The Big Red Machine VS Miguel A Pereira
raver VS The Ryn
Amaru VS Rayden
ZzTripleHzZ VS Brainbro
Sagat VS Myron Daniels
BMG & zeroblood VS Lombard & Iur
Thunderhawk VS TheRock
Suicide!! VS Telan (RCW National Title)

Second show:
Sunday , 24/05/2009

Savvy VS Lucky
DarkSkull&Pepe Lemon vs Qinno&Trendkill
The Bil vs Disintegrate
DDW vs DaWolf (RCW Elite Title)
Rated X&the moon vs COMIO&McFl0
Dracula's Sons vs Brothers Of Apocalypse (RCW Tag Team Title)
Dustin McGee vs Mank (RCW International Title)

Third show:
Friday , 29/05/2009

Raver and vs Armand and Brainbro
Rayden vs Lombard (RCW Honor Title)
Thee Chris and OriginalB vs Zeroblood and The Unknown
Amaru vs BMG
The Ryn vs Haunted Flame
Kane The Big Red Machine vs Miguel A. Pereira
Akumusha vs E.M.S.
TheRock vs Trendkill

Fourth Show:
Sunday , 31/05/2009

The Bil vs Disintegrate
McFl0&DaWolf vs DDW&4Real
Thunderhawk&Suicide!! vs BMG&theRock
Zeratul vs two bit
Qinno vs Pepe Lemon
Shadow_Demon vs Dustin McGee
Mank vs Rated X (RCW International Title)
Ursu' vs federoska21

Fifth Show:
Friday 05/06/2009

raver VS The Ryn
Lombard VS Rayden (RCW Honor Title)
ZzTripleHzZ VS Sagat
Amaru VS Trendkill
Haunted Flame VS Brainbro
Wrath24 & CreepSpark VS & SnoW18
Space Trucker VS edaral
Pepe Lemon VS DarkSkull
Dean Malenko VS Rise Against

Sixth Show:
Sunday 07/07/2009

two bit vs RiseAgainst
Qinno vs Savvy
Thunderhawk vs Suicide!!(Last blood)
Dynamite David Wigton vs Lucky
McFl0&Rated X vs Dean Malenko&the moon
Mank&DaWolf vs Dustin McGee&Disintegrate
Dracula's Sons vs Shadow_Demon&federoska21

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Season 2
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