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 Official List of Tags and Stables inside RCW

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PostSubject: Official List of Tags and Stables inside RCW   Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:30 pm

Well People, we would like to see more people teaming up in both shows to see if we can get more action and team rp. Post Your Stable/ Tag Team after this

Blackout: Bmg, theRock
rEvolution: Ursu', "Speedy Boy" Alyn, McFl0, Zeratul
The Chaos Alliance: Mank, Asparake, Blazing Phoenix, 4Real
Undeserved Millionaires: DarkSkull, Thunderhawk, Amaru, Telan

Tag Teams:
Collateral Damage: Trendkill & Rayden
Bad Vampire Boys: Ursu' & Zeratul
Brothers of Apocalypse: Shadow_Demon & 4Real

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Official List of Tags and Stables inside RCW
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