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 Brand new role play for whenever.

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Simple Forumer
Simple Forumer

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PostSubject: Brand new role play for whenever.   Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:56 pm

[Doc Matthews walk down to the ring with a mic in his hand.]

Welcome to the RCW Doc Matthews show, where every one in the arena comes to see "Me." Now take a look at you and you'll notice that now you wish you were me.

[Doc Matthews points his finger out at the audience excecuting a Money Shot]

You'll all learn this business very fast I promise, see. You love me, you hate me, you'll never forget me. Why? Because Doc Matthews delivers the goods that's why. Now you all can twiddle your thumbs in the back or one of you can get out here and get beat like a man.
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PostSubject: Re: Brand new role play for whenever.   Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:33 pm

Zeratul's theme song is playing on the speakers as the Romanian wrestler makes his way to the ring.

Zeratul:Shut up man ! You always come here with the same stupid things , like you were such a big star ... you'r just an anonnimus one who tries to cheats all this crowd. And I think you know how much I love the crowd especially when they boo me...

The crowd has a mixture of reaction with some boos heard.

Zeratul:See ? They already start to like me while for you they just seat and get bored of whatever you have to say.

Zeratul starts laughing.

Zeratul:That's why right now I'm gonna challenge you to whatever kind of match , our dear VGM ,Sarah wants to put us in and I think you should prepare your hospital papers , because you look like a looser and you'll end the match like a looser.

Zeratul leaves the ring .
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Brand new role play for whenever.
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