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 JJ dedication .

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Jigolo Jay
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Jigolo Jay

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JJ dedication . Empty
PostSubject: JJ dedication .   JJ dedication . Icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 9:11 am

A camera starts filming ...
Its in the Parking Lot ...

A car parks ...
From it two guys exit ..
First is Jigolo Jay ..
Secound is Rockyt .. It seems their coming back to the show .. from somewhere ..

The camera gets closer to them ...

Jigolo Jay : You talked with him ?

Rockyt : Yea , and he said he is gonna help us ..

JJ and Rocky walk to the entrance room .. when ..
Suddenly another car appears ..
Jigolo Jay : Hide , hide , near my car ..
They two go near JJ's car ..
The Car parks .. Two guys leave the car ..

Its Thanatos & Malaran ..
Jigolo Jay : Call the guy .. Now !!
Rockyt takes his mobile phone and calls someone ..

Rockyt : Yes his near me .. Yes .. Their in the Parking Lot .. Yea .. Faster .. Okk ..
Rockyt & JJ get up and run to the exit room ...

DANG ... A barrier broken its heard ..
Quickly Three black cars appear in the Parking Lot ..
From each of it get off 5 Black Guys Wearing Masks with "JJ" Wroten on them and On their T-shirts wroten "Not Jigoloed Enought Eh ? "

Thanatos & Malaran Start running but its too late .. The black guys caught them ..
One of the guys approaches to the camera putting a black cloth on it ..
Some chairs and bats are heard left on the floor ..
Its heard as if an bat was broken on someones back ..


Too many hits to know whats happening ..
As if some spray its used ..
Pshh ....
Then Some car noise is heard ..

Suddenly one car leaves ...
Second car leaves...

Some steps are heard approaching to the camera ..

Finally the black cloth is taken off an black guy and then he goes in an black car and leaves ..

We can see Thanatos & Malaran left unconscious on the floor ..

Two Broken bats and four broken chairs are left near them ..


Their Very Injuried ... WOOW !! Their Bleeding ...
Near them its a pool of blood ..

On their T-shirts its wroten .. "Hopes Its Enought"and on their heads is wroten "JJ" ...
Also on the floor near them its wroten .. "This is a Lesson for both" also .. "Be Scared , JJ"

And so the filming ends with JJ's Song ..

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JJ dedication .
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