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 Introducing Michael "Ownage" Bay

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Introducing Michael "Ownage" Bay Empty
PostSubject: Introducing Michael "Ownage" Bay   Introducing Michael "Ownage" Bay Icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 4:08 pm

Name: Michael Bay
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 191 pounds
Allignment: Face
Attitude: a lonely wolf, kind of bigmouthed kid but good at heart
Look: Heavy Black Leather Boots, knee-long stonewashed black jeans and fingerless gloves

Michael Bay was born in Berlin around the 16th of November in 1991. Always interested in wrestling since he was a child he first began to train his technique as a boxer in small underground clubs. By the age of 16 Bay had the chance to sign his first contract as professional boxer. The following year he won nearly every fight.
In october 2007, one month before his 17th birthday Michael Bay got involved into a hard street fight about nothing. Knowing the technique he broke the chin and nose of his opponent. The court needed about 30 minutes to decide the verdict or lets say, to destroy a life. Professional Boxing was no way anymore, as the stables in germany don't hire criminals.
Searchin for a new life, Bay arrived ar the United states in June 2008. He found out that he now had the chance to do what he ever wanted to do... join the wrestling machinery and brake the bones of his enemies as fast as the hearts of his fans. Regarding the fact that he can smash a chin with only one, hard punch he decided to use his old name again, Michael "Ownage" Bay.

Meanwhile he absolved his 1.000th match and established a name among thousands of young wrestlers. He's far from being a star but he learns fast and wrestles hard. Knowing that he will not fail again!
Last week Michael Bay was able to sign the second contract in his life. As a professional Wrestler at "Local Wrestling Open".

After 2 seasons of Local Wrestling Michael Bay found a friend in "Mapoko", another strong wrestlers out there. Due to some hints he gave him and some lucky circumstances, Bay now has the chance to prove himself as Wrestler in the famous
-Pro Wrestling Federation- Messing with the big guys now!
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Introducing Michael "Ownage" Bay Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introducing Michael "Ownage" Bay   Introducing Michael "Ownage" Bay Icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2009 2:13 pm

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Introducing Michael "Ownage" Bay
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