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 This is where it ends

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This is where it ends Empty
PostSubject: This is where it ends   This is where it ends Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 7:17 pm

(bmg walks into the parking lot a little furious)

bmg: What the hell is going on?! Not a single response from Telan, nor Amaru, and theRock just randomly decides to take a leave of absence! This has been nothing but bad luck for me since the FNC last season.

(Security guards begin to surround bmg)

bmg: Perfect, now I have a reason to be pissed off. What do you losers want, do you wanna escort the champ to the lockeroom? Back off, I have better things to do than sign autographs.

Security Guard: Sorry bmg, you cannot come inside the building tonight.

(bmg looks even more angry)

bmg: Oh really? Please tell me, why can't I go in?

Security Guard: By orders of GM George Steele, you have been banned from the building. In addition to that, Mr. Steele has filed a lawsuit for bringing harm to him.

bmg: He did that huh? Alright, I need a personal vacation anyway.

(bmg turns around but walks around the corner and slips through another entrance way)
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This is where it ends
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