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 A warm welcome...

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Space Trucker
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Space Trucker

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A warm welcome... Empty
PostSubject: A warm welcome...   A warm welcome... Icon_minitimeThu Sep 24, 2009 3:19 pm

Space Trucker is at the parking lot, ready to mount his bike and go home, after a tiring session at the gym.
Suddenly, the high pitched sound of a sport motorbike, is heard and Space Trucker turns his head to see who's coming.
The rider, coming in very fast, makes a very accurate turn and parks right beside Space Trucker.

ST nods approvingly to the rider, as he mounts off his bike.

A warm welcome... 2005%5C09%5C17%5Cbikepics-430390-full

"Nice wheels dude! Kawasaki ZZR 1400, if I'm not mistaken."
The rider nods somewhat indifferently and says "Right".
ST continues "It must be pretty fast..."
The rider answers "Well, I guess that any serious bike will look fast to you, considering the rust bucket you drive!"

A warm welcome... 2000_HARLEY_DAVIDSON_Fat_Boy_

ST frowns.
"Rust bucket? Now, my Fat Boy may be old, but I have taken good care of it, it still goes like when I bought it!"
The rider yawns "Yeah, whatever, but tell me-don't you spent more repairing piece of junk than driving it?", and laughs!
ST stands silent for a while, but decides to make a final effort to be friendly to the rider-obviously a newcomer.
"All right, bikes ain't everything that matters..."
He extends his hand for a handshake and starts "I'm..."
The rider says, without offering his hand "Space Trucker and I'm Mr. ESC - can we skip the intro? I know everything about you and frankly,
I'm not in the mood of being buddies with a loser like you!
I am the German Highlight and the next big thing in Sports Entertainment and you are not even close to my level."

ST snaps at Mr. ESC "Really?Not close,eh?And you know all about me?You don't know sh*t-not even my wife knows everything about me, bub!"
Mr. ESC puts on a sly smile. "Your wife..." he says, "I wonder why a fine piece of *ss like her, wants to marry such a failure like you!
I’m a technical wonderchild, and I mean not only in the ring. Maybe I show her that one time..."

Space Trucker's face turns red with anger and raises his hand, pointing at Mr.ESC!
"Watch your mouth, you moron, or..."
Mr. ESC slaps ST's hand and answers
"Or what? You'll kick my *ss? Man, you're hilarious-you won't even make me sweat!
You are slow, you are weak and your technique is fit for bar brawls – but not for a federation like RCW!"

ST draws a deep breath, holds it and exhales.
More relaxed now, he mounts his bike, hits the ignition and says.

"Man, you're such an idiot! You have what? Like 5 minutes in the federation and you want to start a feud, before you get to really know anyone...
Hell...go find someone your age to bust his balls-there's a pre-school just around the corner,it's a perfect spot..."

As he turns his bike and heads to the exit, Mr. ESC shouts at him.
"Won't you at least give me your wife's number then? I'd love to start a feud with her - the best sex is always after fights!"
Without hesitation, Space Trucker makes a U turn, hit the gas and drives directly to Mr ESC!
The young guy just stands there smiling, being sure that ST just wants to intimidate him.
However, his smile vanishes when he sees Space Trucker giving one final turn to the accelerator and jumping off his bike!
He moves aside just in time, but ST's Harley Davidson falls on the Kawasaki, smashing it to the ground and breaking all the plastic and carbon fiber parts!
Mr. ESC just stands there, watching ST picking up his bike and mounting it, like nothing happened, not believing his own eyes!
As Space Trucker drives to the exit, he yells


ST responds from a distance "Send me the bill, you jerk!"
Mr ESC watches, until ST exits the parking lot.
Fuming, he turns to his bike and looks at the havoc ST's Harley wreaked on his Kawasaki.
He picks it up and tries to start it, but the bike doesn’t want to start....
He reaches for his cellphone to call a taxi, but the phone's screen is dark. The battery is empty!
He draws a deep breath, holds it... and throws the phone to the ground, smashing it to pieces!

"F*CK YOU!" he yells to the remnants of the phone!
But obviously,the phone wouldn't hear a thing...
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A warm welcome...
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