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 Is that really a threat??

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Is that really a threat?? Empty
PostSubject: Is that really a threat??   Is that really a threat?? Icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2009 10:32 am

Mank enters to Jason Silva office, without even waiting that the GM allows him to go in

Jason Silva: Who do you think you are entering like that?

Mank Smiles

Mank: The best thing you hired here, of course... Well you wanted to talk to me, that's what i heard. Tell me about it

Jason Silva: Well people don't think you're the best thing here, and apart from that you're not the champ, so better start knowing your real place

Mank: That's some people that thinks that some "wrestlers" are better here, saying that Ursu' is the best here, is like those who think than John Cena really wrestle... But go to the point, i'm busy too

Jason Silva: Well, your behavior after our last show wasn't the best one... You did some damage, and almost injuried one of our wrestlers... You wont get that easy from this one

Mank: Come on, McFl0 asked for it, and give thanks was only him and not all the Ursu's Pets. What now, are you going to threat me?? Better inform me about my next match. You want money to pay for that, well without my match, your benefits will go down

Jason Silva: No, isn't a threat, and stop talking me like that, i'm still your boss. And well you want a match, well i will give you a hard one then, Alyn will keep kicking your butt like he did on the tag match... But this time will make you tap out. You go against him in a 2 of 3 sub match

Mank starts laughing histerically

Mank: And do you think that's a hard match? This season break messed your brain. Come on, after i made him stop fighting in a last blood match because i injuried him with my submission moves?? I think the one who will suffer is Alyn, not me...

Mank gets up

Mank :Something else, "Boss"?????

Jason Silva: Better get out of here before i change my mind

Mank: See ya "Boss"

Mank starts laughing again meanwhile he walks out of the office
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Is that really a threat??
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