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 To Cobain and Lombard mostly plus rest of RCW members

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PostSubject: To Cobain and Lombard mostly plus rest of RCW members   Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:41 am

I was hoping to bring my experience and roleplay expertise to RCW to enrich everyones enjoyment of the shows. Lombard and my former partner Rayden have joined my other efed EEW outside of TWG and with all my burden of working 2 jobs and raising 3 daughters i am finding i haev to choose carefully what i haev time for. I have been involved in EEW and the otehr fed BWI and interacting with my friends there for 10 years and i have decided to continue to be active with them. Cobain and Lombard...thanks for pulling me along and stuff but i cannot pull my own weight anymore and for that i apologize. I was looking forward to running good feuds with you guys but i am just spent. To Doru and Mank...thanks for being patient..i may be involved more later but right now i am truly overwhelmed

sorry once again

aka Trendkill
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To Cobain and Lombard mostly plus rest of RCW members
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