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 JJ wants more .

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Jigolo Jay
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Jigolo Jay

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JJ wants more . Empty
PostSubject: JJ wants more .   JJ wants more . Icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 1:36 pm

A camera starts filming at Jason Silva office ,we enter inside and see JJ arguing with Silva .

Jigolo Jay : Mr . Jason I will talk with you polite ..

Jason Silva : Well thats how you should talk to a GM ..

Jigolo Jay : Look Jason .. Do not dare to interrupt me again or I promiss you will mess with me .
I'm not cool with what happends with me .. I'm here for almost a seson and im still a Jobber ?!
What the hell ?!

Jason Silva starts to laugh .

Jason Silva : Look JJ ...

Jigolo Jay : No you Look .. ! You better watch out if you don't take any attitude .. !

JJ leaves the room pointing at Jason Silva , slamming the door
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JJ wants more .
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