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 A random halt

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A random halt Empty
PostSubject: A random halt   A random halt Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 3:02 pm

(bmg breaks open the door into the gm's office)

bmg: Alright, lets get all our issues off our backs old man.......

(bmg pauses)

bmg: Why are you here? Wheres old man Steele? He banned me from the arena.

(Jason Silva sits in what was George Steeles chair)

Jason Steele: Bmg! Hows life treating you?

bmg: Is this a joke? Whats the hell are you doing here?

Jason Silva: Im the main gm you know. I can go wherever I want, and speaking of going wherever I want, you managed to get this far into the building when it was made clear that you were banned from being here. A lot of wrestlers would of loved to have the night off, but you, you want to fight your way here and expect your actions of last season to rollover champ? You gave George Steele a mighty nice knot on his head. Im still laughing. Since you are here I might as well tell you of your current situation. Take a seat.

(bmg sits down on a nearby chair as security officers begin to surround him)

Jason Silva: Right now I made it sure that all charges brought on you were dropped. That way you can stay here and work, second, that national title of yours is getting a new look and name, and third, I want you to go home and come back next week, we have too much going on for you to just make things harder on our staff, you should be happy we got Suicide off your back temporarily.

bmg: Alright, I'll play Mr. Obediant, I will leave. But dont screw me over Silva.

Jason Silva: I wont, I dont wannt get a bmg headbutt.

(Jason Silva laughs as bmg is escorted out the building)
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A random halt
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