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 It's my time

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It's my time Empty
PostSubject: It's my time   It's my time Icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2009 2:34 pm

We can see Adam on backstage knocking at George's office door.

George Steel:Come in!

Adam opens the door and slowly enters inside , taking his time to check visually the office.

Adam McFarland:Hello George, I see you have a nice office here .

George Steel:Thanks man , what's the reason of your visit?

Adam : I wanted to announce you about my match ... you know the challenge with Doru , that big mouth guy ...

George:Yes, I remember , what match do you want to fight in ?

Adam:Well, my decision was to make a 2 of 3 Submission match if it's possible.

George:Yes it is, you can go and prepare man , thanks for telling me.

Adam:No problem, see you later.

Adam leaves the office after he wondered a little at the pictures from the office.

Adam (to cameraman): Are you sure that this VGM is totally normal , his pictures and his style make me thing he's a little crazy.

cameraman:Dunno man.

Adam:Ok , fine . Doru , better get ready for me , you'll scream in pain tonight !!

Adam leaves and the image fades to black .
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It's my time
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