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 Contender's Proposal

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Kurt Cobain
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PostSubject: Contender's Proposal   Sat Oct 03, 2009 4:58 pm

Kurt Cobain is seen backstage walking to the locker rooms , being aproached by an interviewer

Mario Gueste: Kurt , please , have a bit time for me?

Kurt Cobain: Maro , mario ,mario...after my win last week i have time for everyone!! You surely want to know what i think right now!

Kurt takes the mic from Mario Gueste and screams

Last Friday i!!...I DESCIMATED Trendkill to get closer to my goal ...becoming a Champion again!

Mario Gueste: Congratz on that Kurt , and what do you think about Lombard the champion and your future opponent?

Kurt Cobain: What do i think ?! What should i think? In the last show of last season when i clearly said Lombard not to interfere in anything ...after i hit Trendkill with the RISING SUN!!... BÄÄM!!! A painfull Raizorwire Chokeslam! But that wasn't the most painful thing of the evening , Lombard the things you said to me were even more painful , you acused me of being a rookie , a guy who is only talk and a wrestler not deserving his spot.

Kurt gets nearer to the camera and only his face can be seen

Kurt Cobain: Provoking me , is nothing that will get you further. I will slap you from your high throne Lombard , crashing you down to reality again. And then you will see who is only talk. I have only two more things to say. Lombard since you think you can beat me no matter when no matter how , so i let you decide which type of match we will be competing in for your title!!The second thing is....enjoy your last days as champ , your last days with the belt around your shoulder ... BE AFRAID!! CAUSE' KURT.....

Kurt backs off from the camera and gives Mario Gueste back his microphon

Kurt Cobain:... IS COMIN'!!!!!

Kurt heads away towards the locker room
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Active Forumer

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PostSubject: Re: Contender's Proposal   Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:02 pm

Kurt has been so intent on the camera that he hasn't seen Lombard leaning agains the wall behind him. Lombard is smiling as he listens to Kurt and idly twirling his RazorWire chain around his fist. Just as Kurt turns around after his speech Lombard steps out directly in Kurts path.

Lombard: Kurt, I KNOW you're coming. . .you've been telling everyone from the day you got here. You're right, I did say you were all talk, but I didn't say you weren't deserving of this title belt I have over my shoulder, I just said you had to EARN it. Running your mouth on the first day on the job does NOT qualify you for a shot at my title. This title is mine, and I did earn it.

Lombard pauses for a second and lets Kurt gain his composure back from being completely surprised by Lombards presence.

Lombard: Since you first arrived and began running your mouth you have been backing it up in the ring, and backing it up quite nicely. You've shown that you deserve a shot at my title and now you've got one. You may even be able to beat me in that ring, only time will tell. You are a damn good wrestler Kurt but let me warn you...

Lombard leans in close to Kurt and stares hard at him.

Lombard: Just because you defeated Trendkill and are riding a high right now, just because you finally earned your shot at MY title, just because you think you have the world at your finger tips, doesn't mean you have what it takes to hold this belt. You're cocky enough to think you have this match already won, well I'll tell you right now that you won't be so cocky when I have a handful of your hair, holding your bloodied face up to the microphone and forcing you to tell me that you QUIT! That's right, we'll have an I Quit match for this title belt that's over my shoulder now, and Lombard NEVER QUITS!

Lombard steps back still twirling his RazorWire Chain.
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Kurt Cobain
Simple Forumer
Simple Forumer

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PostSubject: Re: Contender's Proposal   Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:44 am

Kurt Cobain grins and steps forward standing again face to face with Lombard

Kurt Cobain: If none of us quits , Lombard , i think we will have a problem!! I see you later in the ring , and then we can go on with "talking"!

Kurt steps forward lightly shoulder blocking ,Lombard aside and walking away from backstage
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PostSubject: Re: Contender's Proposal   

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Contender's Proposal
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