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 Someone will pay!!!

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PostSubject: Someone will pay!!!   Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:33 pm

Tom Robinson: Well here we have Mank, after his match on last show, someone you have to say about last match?

Mank: You could at least ask first if i want to answer that?? With Shelly i can have a little of patience... With you, not sure. But well, someone is playing with fire. Don't know who did that but better start confessing, that was a low work. Someone messing with me in the wrong way.

Mank suddenly watches at the other side of the room. He founds that Ursu' and Alyn are there laughing a lot about something.

Mank: Get out of here, Tom, there is something i have to fix right now

Mank goes across the room, pushes Ursu' to one side and attacks Alyn, lifting him by the neck against the wall

Mank: Don't know what game are you trying to play about me, but will stop now!!! That thing in our match was a low hit, even too low for a pathetic wrestler like you. YOu weren't talking you're the next great thing here?? SHOW IT $#$#$%#!!!!

Mank uses his other hand to hig a punch in the stomach to Alyn.

Mank: You Better start answering before i keep punching... WHAT WAS THAT VIDEO?? AND HOW YOU'RE RELATED WITH IT??? And Teddy, stay out of this, this time isn't your problem unless you want to be hitted too
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speedy boy
Simple Forumer
Simple Forumer

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PostSubject: Re: Someone will pay!!!   Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:27 am

Ursu's face quickly turns red hearing those words from Mank's mouth....He pushes the ex-champion to prevent to hit Alyn again...He gets close to him and he watches him straight through in the eyes

Ursu':Call me Teddy one more time and I swear to God,I'm gonna crush your head off right here!!!!

Ursu' walks around Mank,seeming like an animal who is measuring his prade

Ursu':It isn't my problem????Let me tell you something ,you sick retarded idiot!!!!If you mess with my friends ,it is my problem!!!!!It will always be MY problem and you know what solution I have for the ones I hate.....

In that moment,Speedy boy Alyn stands up holding by his stomach and puts an arm on Ursu's shoulder

Speedy boy Alyn:Calm down mate,can't you see the man is desperate????Last week he was destroyed by me in a match he thought he could easily master me.....But he didn't....He was cocky,now....he is just an stupid man,crippling in pain....

He makes Ursu' a sign to back out and Speedy remain alone with Mank for a moment

Speedy boy Alyn:Whoever made that video,THAT is one smart dude....But what was with that foolish crap with the headache??....Are you really that retarded???? Anyways,I had to take advantage and destroy you man....As I destroyed you each and every week you crossed my bussiness....

Mank:I want answers!!!!!!

Speedy boy Alyn:Stop yelling and listen to me!!!!You want answers????Sorry,but I can't deliver them to you!!!!Sometimes,you can find answers were you least expect them.... If something is tormenting you from your past,it has to be something really awful if those memories came to hunt you down now.....

Speedy starts laughing

Mank also turns red of anger,he wants to say something but Speedy cuts him off again

Speedy boy Alyn:Save your breath for later...You're gonna need it!!!!Do you really thought you're gonna get way with this so easily?????Nobody who attacks us can get away with this....You punched me,now is our turn to hit back at you!!!!!

Speedy boy Alyn(yelling): Ursu'!!!!!!!

Ursu' walks on the gym door and comes in,having in his hand his huge Teddynator

Ursu':Time to have some fun, Alyn!!!!!

They both start laughing

Speedy boy Alyn:Lets do this!!!!!

Alyn and Ursu' quietly moves forward towards Mank,with small steps,suggesting they are in control....Mank is paniqued so,he steps backwards trying to escape the two wrestlers....He sees the back door from the gym who takes him in the parking lot....The camera fades out as Mank,chased by Speedy and Ursu' enter through that door who takes them in the parking lot.....
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Blazing Phoenix

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PostSubject: Re: Someone will pay!!!   Thu Oct 08, 2009 5:57 am

Suddenly while chasing Mank they see someone appear in front of Mank that makes him stop. Then they stand in front of them.

Blazing Phoenix: Let's see if the girlfriends here are women enough to face us two against two.

Mank and Phoenix start laughing of Ursu' and Alyn faces.

Blazing Phoenix: Oh...and by the way, i brought something borrowed from my cousin with me.

Blazing Phoenix shows the sledgehammer he was hidding in his back.
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PostSubject: Re: Someone will pay!!!   

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Someone will pay!!!
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