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 Tag Tournament (1st week) Mapoko & Michael Bay VS Riddick & Oromius

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Simple Forumer
Simple Forumer

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PostSubject: Tag Tournament (1st week) Mapoko & Michael Bay VS Riddick & Oromius   Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:56 am

*The light gets dimmed as the sound of far thunder rumbles through the arena.
Suddenly a teriffic Lasershow starts enlights the throne. "Thunderstruck" is played and the fans start to clap their hands to the music.*
*After a few couple of seconds high flames heaten up the air at the left and right side of the throne as Michael Bay appears from the backstage,
wearing heavy black army boots and a kneelong black, stonewashed jeans. The short, black hair is formed to spikes and his eyes are cloaked behind dark sunglasses*
*He is followed by two young and very hot girls in short, blue cheerleader outfits. They swing some pompoms and animate the crowd to sing the song and clap their hands*
*One of them dances around MB, rubbing her back at his leg and kisses him passionately.*
*Most of the crowd is cheers as Michael Bay slowly starts walking to the ring. Some fans in the throng brought signs with his name and a fist on it.*
*On his way MB gives autograms onto posters of him to some kids that managed to get in the first row. As he passes the commentators table he grabs a microphone*
*The cheerleaders hold the ropes and Michael Bay enters the ring. He walks around, rolling his head and stretching his muscles a bit to warm up for the match.*
MB: Good evening folks! I guess you are here to see a good fight?
*the crowd is shouting*
MB, raising his voice: Maybe you want to see an even better fight than the last one?
*the crowd is yelling now*
MB, shouting in direction to the thronee: Then don't let me and the peolpe get bored here and show me who my partner is!
*The audience looks impatient at the throne.*



*Michaels Bay's music is fading*

*Sirens are sounding loudly and The fans already know what is comming*
*"Battle ready" ( ) is starting and
On the Main screen an entrance clip is starting introducing The Beast, The Mad Serpent, The Spinecracker, The Bloodlust itself - M A P O K O ! *
*The crowd is going wild*
( )
*Mapoko is going down to the ring wearing black army boots with metal plating,
long black leather pants wich shows his powerful leg muscles
and black leather jacket with no sleeves showing his whole tattooed arms and body. *
*He is accompanied by Didona who is a hot redheaded goddes with perfect body, tattooed arms and verry nice placed piercings.
She is wearing dark blue jeans with nice and tight bustiee.
Mapoko is hugging Didona with his his left arm wich is almost as big as his waist and heading down to the ring.*
*While passing the fans Mapoko is extending his right hand allowing fans to hit it for charm.*
*Mapoko is signaling to one of Michael's girls to pass him a mic*
Mapoko : Well, Well, Well ... Its you again. Maybe after our impressive tag win last week its time to win the belts as well. What will you say, kid ?
Mapoko : Enough words. Lets wait for our opponents and as we all know fists work better than words.
*Mapoko is entering the ring going to all the corners greeting the fans who go berserk,
then lean to the ropes and gaze uppon the titan throne not saying a word. Not even to his tag partner - Michael Bay*
*Didona is going to the commentator's table and wears a head set*

*Opponent's Entrance/RP*

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Simple Forumer
Simple Forumer

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PostSubject: Re: Tag Tournament (1st week) Mapoko & Michael Bay VS Riddick & Oromius   Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:31 pm

*Bluish thunders start to strike inside the arena, at the bottom of the titan tron two flames increase the heat of the crowd who's already shering up.*
Oromius appears wearing a full body real bear skin jacket that covers his wrestling costume*
*He's walking slowly down the titan tron looking confident for the crowd he starts to to undress his jacket as he leaves the titan tron the flames intensify.*
*Oromius enters the ring by the stairs, he completly undresses and trows his jacket to the crowd*

*Out of a suddent the lights of all the arena black out*

* A sharp comet shaped like with light crosses the arena stealing everyone's attention*

* The spotlight slowly hits the spot behind Oromius revealing Riddick*
*He's wearing a one-piece leather black costume and a black jacket that covers all his body*
*Looking confident with he got from ther rings corner he starts to reply while riddick still hasn't moved*
Oromius:eeerrrrrrr..... aren't you guys rushing up ? There can only be one winner today in this very ring and .... it doesn't really seems to be you guys. But is like they say " there's only one way to find out"
*Oromius turns to riddick who still hasn't moved*
*Oromius goes to his corner*
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Tournament (1st week) Mapoko & Michael Bay VS Riddick & Oromius   Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:46 am

(OOC : could you just, for next time, put the wrestlers statements in a colour, and remove the "*" before and after the descriptions ?
Just because it took me a lot of time to edit it for the show lol!
Sorry, and thanks Wink )
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Tournament (1st week) Mapoko & Michael Bay VS Riddick & Oromius   

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Tag Tournament (1st week) Mapoko & Michael Bay VS Riddick & Oromius
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