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 Tag Tournament (1st week) Van.Tao & Suicide VS ART-Michael & Mantus

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PostSubject: Tag Tournament (1st week) Van.Tao & Suicide VS ART-Michael & Mantus   Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:49 pm

Van.TaO is entering the building on his roller blades heading to the GM office.
While passing through he meets ART-Michael
Van.TaO : How can you show your face after that embarasing failure on our debute !?
Van.Tao ; We lost entirely because of you! Mapoko was going to tap out but you didnt stop MB. DOnt want to see you on my sie ever again.
ART-Michael : Freak, do whatever you want. I will gladly make you eat those words. Any time.
*In the GM office*
Van.TaO realizes that he is involved in a tag team tournament and with the company of some guy he is facing ART-Michael and some other guy*
Jason Silva : Hey, rookie ! Knock before you enter! I might be with some (female) reporters ... *cough* I mean busy.
Van.TaO : Can you work out something and put me in a match to squast tat tinhead ART-Michael any time soon ?
Jason Silva : Actualy, you sould learn to answer your calls! You are participating in a tag match tonight.
Your partner will be Suicide and, what a coincidence, You are facing your rival ART-Michael and Mantus.
Van.TaO : Good, good ... I will make him scream like a pig! Now ... you were talking about some (female) reporters ...
Jason Silva : OUT !
*Van.TaO is leaving the office and heading to the ring*

*Leaving space for other 3 wrestlers to RP*
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Tag Tournament (1st week) Van.Tao & Suicide VS ART-Michael & Mantus
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