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 IR show for 2009/10/11

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PostSubject: IR show for 2009/10/11   Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:43 pm

DaWolf&Spinne vs DDW&Blazing Phoenix
Th3Und3rTak3r&Alyn vs federoska21&Holy Man
3WD :Ursu' vs Christian Kane (legend title match) *
The MOP vs TDK(I quit)
Telan vs Disintegrate(2 of 3 sub)
Kapito vs Jarzan(Last blood)
Zeratul vs Mank(2 of 3 sub)

for the 3WD I made a tag which will be edited .
just to announce the wrestlers on that tag is fighting :
Asparake&Christian Kane vs Ursu'&R@mpage
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IR show for 2009/10/11
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