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 The King of Egos

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PostSubject: The King of Egos   Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:32 pm

(The theme of "We gave it Hell" by 36 Crazy Fists is played)

Carlos Lehmann: What kind of night would we have without a bmg rant?

Miguel Albacher: Shut up! He looks more serious tonight, a nice suit and hes sporting his National Championship on his shoulder, hes here to speak buisiness.

(bmg steps into the ring with massive heat from the crowd)


bmg: Is this the respect I get for gracing you all with my presense?

Crowd: You Suck! You Suck! You Suck!

bmg: Listen to what I have to say, I am YOUR National Champion and YOU will ALL RESPECT ME!!!!!!!!!


(bmg pulls out a chair next to the announcers table and takes a seat in the middle of the ring)

bmg: Im the main attraction of Friday Night Chaos, If you dan't wanna see me here, I guess there will be no show tonight. I'll wait.

Crowd: ***hole! ***hole! ***hole! ***hole!

bmg: Call me what you want, this is all you'll see.

Miguel Albacher: The nerve of these fans! The champ is trying to speak!

Carlos Lehmann: Of course bmg does realize he is in tag team action tonight right?

Miguel Albacher: There wont be a show if these fools dont pay their respect to him!
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Active Forumer

Posts : 78
Join date : 2009-03-28
Location : Fontana, CA

PostSubject: Re: The King of Egos   Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:00 pm

(bmg stands up and throws the chair aside)

bmg: I find it a joke that fans like you would treat the guys who risk their health to fight each other yet you have all the time to throw it all away by booing me. You guys just wasted a good 10 minutes of your life booing me. I hope you all enjoyed it.

(the crowd gets more intense)

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

bmg: I could wait all night, but I have better things to do unlike you losers. After the show you will all go home, eat some twinkies, and imagine what life would be like with your imaginary girlfriends, ands then you go to sleep crying in your own depression that you'll never be as good as me. I have a great life, unlike you all I lead the life you wish you had. I'm at the top of my game right now just like I predicted I would since day 1. I said I was destined for greatness, that I was the future, that I will rise to the top, and here I am. Be jealous!

Carlos Lehmann: Is this some sort of victory speech?

Miguel Albacher: If it is, he just delivered the best speech of the night! He really has come a long way. I applaud him.

bmg: Now that I got all that out of the way, lets get to my reason for being here. I have grown to be the best wrester on Friday Nights, and a proper award should be coming my way, so until I make the decision, the national belt will get a new look to better fit my prestige along with a new name. I have proven myself enough to make another announcement, as of the beginning of this season, it has been made official that the stable formally known as Blackout, has been disbanded.

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bmg: And from here on, I will come to this ring, and I will be respected each and every week! I will express myself and you will all bask in my GLORY! Thank you and good night.

(bmg walks up the ramp and heads backstage)

Carlos Lehmann: Blackout is no more?! When did this happen?

Miguel Albacher: It doesnt matter anymore! Bmg knew it was gonna come down to this and just like he expected when they first started, he was gonna get gold, and now he has it. He doesnt need backup anymore.
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The King of Egos
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