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 National title

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PostSubject: National title   National title Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 10:42 pm

*Wrath24 is in front of George's office and knocks at door...

George:Who is there?

Wrath24:Is me boss!Can i come in?
George:Come!What you want from me?
Wrath24:I want my tribute i saved u once now u have to help me!
George:OH...!I knew thats this day will come...
Wrath24:Yeah and it went faster than you thought!
George:Ok Ok now tell me your wish!
*Wrath24 smiles evil and look around the office...
Wrath24:I want a chance at National Title faster if you can...!!
*Wrath24 looks angry at George Steel...
Wrath24:Want me repeat?
George:No i understood!
Wrath24:So now give my chance tonight to shine when il kick BGM!!!
George:Let me see ...
*George is thinking about that idea...!
Wrath24:Now what???
Wrath24:Ok Ok faster man!
George:Your match is donne you will face tonight BGM for National Title!
Wrath24:Now is better!HA HA HA
George:I hope you will kick his ass because is your only chance!
*Wrath24 looks at George laughing loudly
Wrath24:How you say boss!He will be kicked in hospital tonight!Make him a place there to sleep you will need! George:OK ! Now go i got work to do here!
Wrath24:Thanks again boss!I'l go now...
*Wrath24 leaves the VGM office heading gym
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National title
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