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 BMG knocked out

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BMG knocked out Empty
PostSubject: BMG knocked out   BMG knocked out Icon_minitimeFri Oct 09, 2009 11:14 am

*Wrath24 walks in silence to gym he sow the lights on and someone doing practice...
Wrath24:HA HA HA!
BMG:Who is there??
Wrath24:Is me Wrath24...
BMG:What you want? Wrath24:You'd better learn speak polite with the real stars...
BMG:You are a star?Let me know if you are ha ha ha...
Wrath24:Are you stupid asshole?
BMG:I'm not but i know that you are!
*BMG laughs loudly ...
BMG:Now leave me alone i got to practice for my match tonight!I'l face a surprise opponnent so go away! *Wrath24 gets angry at BMG words !
Wrath24:Get this is a better practice for the match!
Wrath24 waits for the stunned opponent and runs and jumps
catches his oponnet's neck like an RKO executing LEGENDARY Just Dance!!

Wrath24:By the way i am ur opponent!HA HA HA...
*Wrath24 leaves the gym laughing ...and BMG is knocked out on the floor!!!
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BMG knocked out
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