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 -=The Phone Call=-

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Simple Forumer
Simple Forumer

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PostSubject: -=The Phone Call=-   Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:35 am

*Amaru arrives in his Lamborghini Murcielago. Before he can get out of the car, his phone rings*

Amaru : Hey man. What?.. Yeah, I just got here..What? The hell with this. Lemme just get out of the car, maybe I`ll get a better signal.

*He turns off the engine, pulls the handbrake and gets out of the car. *Beep* *Beep*. The doors are locked.*

Amaru : Ok, talk to me now..Yes, this is much better. And yes, I thought about it. We had a great match last week so why not make it permanent. And us two could....

*Amaru is stopped by the man on the phone. Listens for a few seconds then edifies himself*

Amaru : Ok, so us three could really run the show. No one will be able to stop us. Oh, you also wanna talk to ..? Dunno man, I don`t think Thu...Yes I know u`re very convincing, but still Thu... yes, yes, I trust you man. Wow, so much talent under a single stable. Impressive. What can I say, I can`t wait.

*He listens a little longer, then, stepping away from his car, he ends the conversation*

Amaru : Great. Talk to you later, DarkSkull.

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PostSubject: Re: -=The Phone Call=-   Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:19 am

At the same moment, Hawk comes out of the building, playing with his car's keys, and with his cellphone on the ear.
He greets Amaru with a quick hand gesture then walks up to his car and stops.

Hawk : Three of you ... ? Yeah, I see ... It looks like you make yourself very persuasive, I never thought that Te...
What ?
You want four ?? That's ambitious. But what the heck are you calling me for ?

He stops playing with the keys and his eyes start getting bigger.
Hawk : Yeah, I know i was convincing friday ... And thanks ... But this offer ...
Come on, mate, you know I can't accept it. Just because Tel... Yeah, I know that Ama... He accepted already ? Great but ...
What ?
He changed ? Maybe, but I doubt it ... Well, just give me some time and you'll have my answer. Let's say friday, before the show. Ok, see you.

He puts the phone back and opens his car, staring at Amaru that walks to the arena, and nodding his head.
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Active Forumer

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PostSubject: Re: -=The Phone Call=-   Tue Oct 13, 2009 7:38 am

You can see Telan standing in the shadow he has his cellphone on the ear.

Telan : So we have all together other now...? Well i tough so that he wont say yes right away after our history but dont worry this is just a one in life time chance too make something big like this he wont let it slipp away.
Of course everything is going according to your plan.

Telan smilies and then talks:
Dont worry i am not so dumb i wont do anything that will make him not wanna join I know that we need him.
Like i said before....
Iam no longer a puppet of those loser so dont worry.

Telan puts the cellphone in his pocket and walks to his Locker Room.
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Active Forumer

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PostSubject: Re: -=The Phone Call=-   Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:13 am

*DarkSkull is walking into the locker room*

DarkSkull: Hey Ama. Brother, when will we make our official presentation?? I know we have to talk to Thu and Tel, but we have to do it quick. Lets talk about it soon ok bro?? Goodbye bro.

*DarkSkull puts the cellphone in his pocket and keeps walking to the locker room.*
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PostSubject: Re: -=The Phone Call=-   

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-=The Phone Call=-
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