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 It Is Amazing !

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Jigolo Jay
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Jigolo Jay

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It Is Amazing ! Empty
PostSubject: It Is Amazing !   It Is Amazing ! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 6:13 pm

We see Mr.George Steel's door opening slowly and we can see JJ and the VGM .

JJ : George ..I really want an challenge for tonight ... a real one ...

George Steel : Are you sure ? Then here you go ... Tonight you are gonna face ...

Suddenly JJ sees the hidden camera slamming the door ..
We lose the moment but still go closer to hear them ..
Suddenly JJ opens the door happy ...

JJ : Thank you very much George ! I got to go to locker room to change . Bye .

Camera goes near him and the cameraman asks him a question ..

The Cameraman : Why are you happy JJ ? What happend ?

JJ : Its my change .. Thats it !!! And I'm not gonna waste it !

JJ leaves smiling and going to the lockers ..
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It Is Amazing !
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