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 JJ proved He deserves it .

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JJ proved He deserves it . Empty
PostSubject: JJ proved He deserves it .   JJ proved He deserves it . Icon_minitimeFri Oct 16, 2009 3:06 pm

The camera starts filming JJ walking in the backstage .. going to VGM's office...
JJ smiles and ...

Knock ! Knock !

Its me JJ ! ...

Enter ! ..

JJ enters slowly and camera coming with him ...
JJ looks surprised ... seeing Jason Silva in VGM's place ...

JJ ! Happy to see you here ... ! ..

Where's George ?! ..

He went out for a walk .. Now lets talk about what you did to last show ..

Yeah I won it .. My first WIN in the ROSTER .. Im very happy .. !! But that is because of George not because you ..

Jason Silva looks surprised ..

Cmon JJ ! I know what you could do .. Just didn't had time to make some paper works for the match .. So I asked George ..

JJ laughs ..

Yeah Sure .. ! Now you belive I worth getting a salary raise ?!

No No No !! NO RAISE !! We role on FINANCIAR PROBLEMS ! I ...

I knew you will not change ! You will see that all those will change ..!

Suddenly the door opens slowly and its the VGM ! ..

Silva .. what your doing in my office ? .. Hey JJ ! ..

JJ looks very happy to see him ..
JJ gets closer to George and hugs him ..

Wo wo calm down .. You make me tap out ...

Thanx George !! You saw me ?! I told you I will not waste it ! ..

JJ I will see what I can do for you .. and for yer first WIN I will maybe make you a surprise .

You will give me A F%ck surprise ..
Says JJ silently ..


Jason .. calm down ..

George goes closer to JJ telling him something at the ear ..

I will see what I can do ..Okay ? Now leave ..

JJ doesn't likes the idea .. but he leaves slamming the door ..
Camera coming with him ..
JJ grabs the cameraman's mic

CAN YOU BELIVE IT !!!!??? ..

Filming ends with JJ entering the room
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JJ proved He deserves it .
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