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PostSubject: Aftermatch   Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:48 am

16.10 : Mario Gueste intercepts Thunderhawk while he is walking down to his locker. Hawk is wiping his face with a towel and greets Mario with a handshake, something rather unusual for him.

Mario : Hawk ... A great win tonight ... the Warbirds proved that they were a good tag by beating kurt and rock. And you were sort of the "match winner" by making rock tap out. What do you have to say ?

Hawk : Mario ... It's false. I was not the match winner. Lombard did an awesome job as usual. And without his RCS, i dontthink that we could win. But ... i have to admit that it was rather satisfactory to making that loud-mouth tapout ...

Mario : You have good words for your tag partner. Any possibility to see the Warbirds back as a team again ?

Hawk : Not for now. But the Lord works in mysterious ways, as they say ...
And remember he chokeslammed me tonight.

Mario : Hmm. Yeah. Well ... Can you just tell us why telan and amaru came out to help you ?

Hawk : They are good samaritans, probably. No, seriously ... something is going on. I'm in it, they are too. It should come true friday.
Now I have to go ... See you later, maybe.

Mario nods as Hawk enters his locker, happily whistling.
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