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 RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009

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PostSubject: RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009   Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:28 pm

Telan makes his way to the ring holding a mic in his hand preceded by four druids wearing robes and carrying torches
smoke hides the whole ring.

Telan: What the hell is that about why the hell do i have too fight in a Tag Team match again i hate them and too even make it worse i have too fight against DarkSkull. Who had this fu..... idea oh look there is a team building we should let them fight against each other who the hell is so stupid well i think i know who it was. Well i will better keep it for myself what i think of that person.

Telan: And DaWolf this is far from being over i will not stop untill i get the Elite Title the match last week was just a little test for me too see what you got and as i tough you are nothing pray that i get my rightfull Title shot as late as possible course ones i get it there will be a new Champ and that will be ME.

Telan : Oh and before i forget it this is a msg for the Gm dont put me in toughs Fu..... Tag Matchs or you will reget it and one more think dont you ever and mean ever dare too put me in a match against my friends again course it will be your last mistake.

Telan says it with a very angry voice.
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PostSubject: Re: RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009   Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:03 pm

*DarkSkull makes his way to the ring*

*DarkSkull shakes Telan's hand and hug him friendly*

DarkSkull: Telan, you dont need to worry about it. I WON'T FIGHT YOU. And no one can make me fight you. I wont make it. And if someone even try to make me do that, I will hurt that person even beyond the Supreme Pain.
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PostSubject: Re: RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009   Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:23 am

Arena lights go very dim as a now-familiar theme plays. Loud thunder echoes and heavy rainfall is heard. The titantron shows a dark, thick forest with heavy rain and wild wind moving the trees like they were feathers. Distant flashes of lightning occasionally shed some brief light...

The camera pans into the forest, between the trees, and through the branches as it catches up with something moving fast. As the camera gets closer, it slows down as a black wolf runs by it and it tries to keep up. The wolf cuts through the rain and wet plants and heads towards a high rock. It speeds off and makes a few jumps avoiding obstacles and climbs to the top of the rock where it becomes higher than the trees and facing a full moon that makes its way out of the clouds.

The wolf makes a deafening howl before the camera pans out and a giant lightning bolt hits the four ringposts and the titantron, which now shows a rock with a wolf's head etched on it and sparks flying off in all directions.

As the sounds of rain and thunder fade out, the lights gradually fade back in, and DaWolf appears squatting on one of the ringposts. He is wearing his dark leather cape with a line of fur around it and a wolf's head instead of the cap. DaWolf is in dark torn leather pants and has black gloves on with small slits where the knuckles are, under which are several metallic retractable claws.

DaWolf jumps into the ring holding up a mic. He looks from Telan to DarkSkull then back at Telan.

DaWolf: "Save your breath Telan, and enough with the empty threats! The ref called it off, but you were nowhere near finishing the match! You can stop playing martyr and I'm gonna be waiting for your second shot. For now you wasted yours and looks like we're both already in matches for the PPV. Keep trainin' man and I guarantee you we'll meet again for this title, just as I GUARANTEE that I will walk away with it... AGAIN!"
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PostSubject: Re: RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009   

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RP PPV - Game Over 25/10/2009
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