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 Back To The Beginning??

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Blazing Phoenix
Blazing Phoenix

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Back To The Beginning?? Empty
PostSubject: Back To The Beginning??   Back To The Beginning?? Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 2:23 pm

Blazing Phoenix is in the parking lot area alking to his car and suddenly a sound is heard. Like something metallic falling in the ground. He looks back trying to see what that sound was and when he turns to the front again Spinne is in front of him with a bat and hits Blazing Phoenix right in the head. Then he runs away leaving Blazing Phoenix knocked out cold. After some time Blazing Phoenix starts to regaining councious again.

Blazing Phoenix: That son of a b....!!! I'll get you for this.

Suddenly some sand appear in the ground and Blazing Phoenix get's a cray look on his face....he starts holding is hand in pain and starts screaming.

Blazing Phoenix: NO!!!! Not again....i don't need you. I don't want you. You will not do the same again with me.

After some time strugling Blazing Phoenix faints and remains laying there on the ground.
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Back To The Beginning??
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