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 Sarah deciding the main events of the night

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PostSubject: Sarah deciding the main events of the night   Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:41 pm

The camera suddenly moves to the GMs office where Sarah is sitting with a list of names in front of her.

Sarah:You know what? I'm tired of this ...

The crowd starts screaming 'what' , 'what' ...

Sarah:It's a full night and over all this we have to announce you some main events here , but I won't!

Sarah takes a deep breath.

Sarah:I decided to allow the wrestlers to make their own schedule , so tonight , Ursu' and Mank are allowed to choose who and in what match will compete their rivals , in this case , Ursu' will choose for Mank and Mank for Ursu' ... Let's see them!!

The camera turns off and moves to the ring.
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Sarah deciding the main events of the night
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