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 Award speech

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Kurt Cobain
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PostSubject: Award speech   Award speech Icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 10:50 am

Under thunderous applaus Kurt Cobain comes to the stage with his new RCW Honor Championship around his waist , wearing a black suit and he gets ready to talk

Kurt Cobain: Wow...guys that's a huge surprise for me , winning the "Best newcomer award"! I wanna thank my mother my coaches.... ahh just kidding . I thank my millions and millions of fans in RCW!!

Huge ovations by the fans

Kurt Cobain: This award means a bit to me , it resembles my acceptance i got here after only a short time , but....

Kurt looks down to his RCW Honor Championship

Kurt Cobain: This baby right there makes me even happier!!! And it was like expected , a war you all have witnessed two days ago at FNC , and now I AM THE RCW HONOR Champion!!!

A chant is started by the fans " Kurt Cobain , Kurt Cobain , Kurt Cobain"

Kurt Cobain: I wanna thank and that is not meant to be ironic , my opponent from yesterday , Lombard , who pushed me to the limit and who gave me a great fight. Lombard...I know you want your rematch...and you will get it , but right now there's another topic that keeps bothering me

Kurt is looking for words and now looks a bit enrages

Kurt Cobain: I wanna make this thing quick , the "After Season Party" is waiting for me and i promised Shanna to not let her wait ....

Kurt walks to the middle of the entrance ramp lifts the mic

Kurt Cobain: ... AMARU...BE AFRAID , (OOC:i wont stop with my catchphrase guys lol! cheers) 'CAUSE KURT ...IS COMIN'!
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Award speech
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