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 Award Speech 3 : Commentators

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Award Speech 3 : Commentators Empty
PostSubject: Award Speech 3 : Commentators   Award Speech 3 : Commentators Icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 12:56 pm

The camera stays fixed on Carlos Lehmann and Miguel Albacher sitting in the crowd. They stare at it without knowing to do, exchanging worried looks at each other.
One crew member runs to them and whispers something to both.

As a single man, they both rush to the ring. As they try to slide under the rope, Carlos violently hits the apron ring, and Miguel remains blocked in the lower ropes.
Once this difficulty passed, they difficultly stand up with a mic for each.

MA : Awesome ! Thank you everyone for this award ! I'd like to thank my wife, my sparring partner here ... and his wife. As well as all of you fans !!
CL : Why don't you just shut up ? Without me, we would never have won ! I'm the comic here, I'm the pure awesomeness at the comment desk !!
And leave my wife alone, you pervert ...

The fans start laughing, but Miguel is damn serious.
MA : Listen. This is the Commentators' award. It's MY award. Why, do you think that you are one ? Come on, be serious ... you're just my shoulder. I'm the ONE here ...
CL : No, you listen ... I ...

The announcer suddenly stops them.
"We have two trophies. Take one each and leave the ring, other prizes are coming up."

As soon as they have them, Miguel and Carlos start hitting each other with it.
A voice is heard : NOW STOP IT !
It's Mrs. Lehmann ... his grandmother !!

She rushes to Carlos and strikes him with her walking stick several times, before finishing him off with her handbag.
Mrs. Lehmann Senior : Charlie, it's 40 years that I tell you to stop behaving like a child !
MA : Right, ma'am.

She quickly turns in spite of her rheumatisms, parkinson and scoliosis problems, and smacks Miguel in the face with her handbag, then continuing to stomp him
Mrs. : And you stop hitting my little baby, you bully !!
I might have Alzheimer, but I remember little Sammy hitting him in the schoolyard ... I'll tell it to your mother, you ill-educated child !!

The audience is totally quiet ... and astonished. The grandma leaves with an unbelievable agility by sliding under the rope ...
even if she loses her fake teeths in the process ...
and leaves.
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Award Speech 3 : Commentators
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