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 Elite title comin back

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Elite title comin back Empty
PostSubject: Elite title comin back   Elite title comin back Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 10:49 am

DaWolf storms into Sarah Channing's office, kicking the door open and walking in like there was nobody in there.

Hey what's the big idea? Guards!...

Hold your horses.. and your guards.. I don't think you can afford to lose any more of them do ya?! I'm just passin' by to tell ya that the Elite title is comin' back where it belongs... whether you like it or not!

What.. you think you can challenge me and get away with it? I'll make your life a living hell!!

Sarah... my life IS a living hell... and more so for those who are in my way! I'd be careful if I were you.. besides, I'm not challengin' you. I'm just tellin' ya that I'm gettin' my title back, that's all.. And I will stop at NO LIMIT to get it.. get it?!

DaWolf says that and ignores Sarah trying to respond, then walks out of the office just as two bodyguards make it to the scene.

You guys are late.. woulda been fun beatin' your assess but I got some stuff to do!
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Elite title comin back
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