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 The future champion!

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PostSubject: The future champion!   The future champion! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 22, 2009 4:58 am

A black Mustang drives in the parking lot.Out of the car comes Asparake.He closes the door of the car and opens the back door to get his bag whit the wrestling outfit!He look's in the door window and see's Spinne and Rey approaching him.

Asparake:I see that you two don't lose any time!I'm here for just a couple of second's and here you are,coming to beat the hell out of me!So,what are you waiting for?Come on let's fight already!

Spinne and Rey look's at Asparake and start's to smile!

Rey:Take a pause Asparake!We are not here to attack you,fight you or any of this!Hell tonight it's the PPV and we have match's of our own!We want to show the RCW World that we can do more that beat a has bean superstar!

Spinne:I will face the Agentul007,the man that offer to help you and the man that help you beat me in the last show in the tag match!Tonight i will make him regretting this!

Rey:And i will face Mcflo,which i will finish very fast!

Asparake:Well,good luck in your match's,but i don't understand why are you here?

Rey:The motive that we are here is to let you know that you will lose tonight match against Ursu!

Asparake:Your out of your mind if you think that i will lose at your request!

Rey:And I'm not asking you to drop the match,I'm just saying that you will lose the match and you will not get the Title!That Title it's not yours to take!It already has a owner!

Rey and Spinne leaves leaving Asparake confuse about tonight's match!
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The future champion!
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