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 Bad timing

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Space Trucker
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Space Trucker

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Bad timing Empty
PostSubject: Bad timing   Bad timing Icon_minitimeWed Jul 22, 2009 7:35 am

Space Trucker is in the parking lot,staring at his Harley Davidson.
His bike is restored after the accident and looks as good as new,yet it has remained in the parking lot for months,waiting patiently for her driver to take her home.
ST holds the key,but he remains standing,he seems very nervous!

"Damn!" he curses through his clenched jaws,"I am scared of a bike!"
He puts one hand on the bike and caresses the fuel tank.
"It's not your fault honey,it's me.I am not ready for such a step yet!"
Suddenly,he throws his head back and starts laughing!
"Damn,like talking to a girlfriend about wedding!"
He turns to the building entrance and stops abruptly,as he sees Creepspark getting out.
"Bad timing!" he thought.
Creepspark stopped,blocking the entrance,crossed his hands and waited for Space Trucker.
Space Trucker advanced towards the entrance and stood face to face with Creepspark.

"You're blocking the entrance.Move!" ST demanded.
Creepspark just stood there,smiling.
"I know that I didn't damage your hearing in our last fight,so knowing that you can hear me,I'll ask you again,as politely as my mood allows,to MOVE YOUR *SS!"
Creepspark remained immobile.
ST took a step back,scratched his chin and said.
"You know what?I always tried my best to be nice to everyone,even to creeps like you,but you-you don't leave me an alternative..."
He reaches to his jacket and takes a small object,which he throws at Creepspark.
Creepspark catches it and looks at it-it's a bullet!

"The next one" Space Trucker says "will be coming a lot faster and will have your name on it,if you don't move in three....two..."
Creepspark moved aside,no longer smiling!
Space Trucker,as he goes into the building,he turns to a clearly shocked Creepspark and adds ironically
"Good boy!"....
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Bad timing
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