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 A mission well done

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A mission well done Empty
PostSubject: A mission well done   A mission well done Icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 4:27 pm

(Blackout is seen in the lockeroom sitting down, bmg hold the rope of judgement and both Telan and theRock hold their newly won Tag Team Titles)

bmg: Great! Amazing job back there, at last gold belongs within Blackout. At last we can say that phase one was a complete success. Now that we have proven that the warbirds were just not good enough for victory, we now know that we gained enough strength to continue our onslaught in RCW.

(bmg stands up)

bmg: The season may be over for now, but for that period of rest we will work on phase two.......

(bmg holds up his rope of judgement and smiles)

bmg: We already took their pride, now we take their dignity. Thunderhawk and Lombard will want a rematch so be ready for it, plus theres that matter with Lombards own singles title, we'll take that from him as well. Make sure you have all your things, were going on a trip, a trip to total victory, we can only get better from here and next season the whole roster will know of our dominance.........

(the lights go out and when they come back on backout is gone, the only thing left in the room is the rope of judgement
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A mission well done Empty
PostSubject: Re: A mission well done   A mission well done Icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 6:06 am

Hawk enters the room around half an hour later. Sighing loudly, he opens his locker and packs things up, seeming ready for a break.
"A well-deserved break ... I'm not sure if i deserve one."

He angrily shuts his locker, resting with his palms on it.
"Damn ! We were so ****** close ... I knew we had less chances to win than them, but losing like this is ... just ..."

He charges his arm, ready to punch the locker, but stops, with a more relaxed expression.
"Annoying. This defeat is jJust a short delay ... Nothing serious, Hawk ... Calm down. Breathe ..."

He does so, but he indeed punches the locker at full force, leaving his punch's tracks on it.
He takes his bag out, putting it on the table.
His eyes suddenly fall on the Rope Of Judgement laying near him. He gazes at it with a curious look, then grabs it.

"They do not know the surprises I'm bringing along next season. I grew a lot stronger, after two days : 48 hours total, of which 40 of intensive training. New moves ... New power."
He stares to the ceiling.

"They will hang from this rope. I swear it."
He instinctively taunts, with a ferocious light in his eyes, that was never seen in him before.
He laughs, as he throws the rope on the floor.

"Hawks ... Accipiter ... Said to be great diurnal raptors, and born predators ... It's time to prove it."
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A mission well done
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