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 CreepSpark & Space Trucker

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PostSubject: CreepSpark & Space Trucker   CreepSpark & Space Trucker Icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 11:08 am

Pompeii by E.S. Posthumus plays, and CreepSpark makes his way down to the ring, he has a necklace with a bullet on it.

He gets in the ring and can be seen arguing with the announcer to give him the mic.

CreepSpark: As many of you may know by now, i've lost my last two matches against Space Trucker...

The crowd boos at CreepSpark and holds up Space Trucker signs.

CreepSpark: I know, I know, you're all heartbroken to see your favorite wrestler lose to such an amateur like Space Trucker, but it happened. However, what many of you may not know, is that during our last round, Space Trucker clearly CHEATED his way to victory. Play the clip!

A Clip from last Friday's match starts up between CreepSpark and Space Trucker.

Space Trucker hooks CreepSpark from behind

hooking him by the arms sliding him across his back while falling performing a light Backslide Pin!!

Referee starts counting...




Carla Washington: And the winner by pinfall, SPACE TRUCKER !!!!

CreepSpark: REWIND IT!!

The clip rewinds right as Space Trucker puts CreepSpark in the Backslide Pin.

CreepSpark: THERE!! You see it? My foot is CLEARLY touching the rope. And Space Trucker knew it! Who knows, maybe he even bribed the ref to turn a blind, maybe he's bribed Carla Washington to declare victory as soon as possible so there would be no time to debate. Hell, maybe he's never won an honest match in his life! The point i'm trying to make is... I WANT A RE-MATCH! No cheating, no tricks, just Space Trucker... on the ground... SCREAMING in pain, and begging me for mercy!!
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Space Trucker
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Space Trucker

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CreepSpark & Space Trucker Empty
PostSubject: Oh?   CreepSpark & Space Trucker Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 6:47 pm

Suddenly,the crowd starts to cheer and applause,as Space Trucker's theme starts playing in the TitanTron.

Space Trucker dashes to the ring,holding a steel chair.
Creepspark fold his arms and waits,believing that Space Trucker wouldn't damage his image by attacking someone,when there's not a match involved.
Unfortunately,he got it wrong,because Space Trucker,without any hesitation,slams the steel chair on CreepSpark's head,who gets knocked out cold before he even hits the mat!
Then he gets CreepSpark's microphone,points to the fallen opponent and speaks,as the crowd gets into frenzy!

"This is what you get when you f**k with the wrong guy,you creep!"
Security guards rush into the ring,but Space Trucker wields the steel chair,keeping them at bay!
"Back off!" he says "I don't want to hurt you!I'll say my thing and leave,so back off,or you'll get hurt!"
The Security guards retreat to a safe distance,while someone talks to a radio,calling the paramedics.
Space Trucker turns to the crowd,breathing heavily with bloodshot eyes and the veins of his neck and temples visibly pulsating-he's almost totally over his head with anger!
He pauses for a second to catch his breath and points to the TitanTron.

"Watch!"he says.
The last part of the match between him and CreepSpark is aired-only this time,CreepSpark's leg about three inches away from the rope!
The crowd seems shocked they yell and curse,as Space Trucker raises a hand demanding their attention once more.

"This is the OFFICIAL recording taken from the archives-double checked and verified by the RCW management!It shows clearly that Creep's version is FORGED!!!"
The crowd gets angry-a couple of people even try to get to the ring,only to be stopped by the security guards.
Space Trucker continues,with a harsh voice.

"You know me people!I do not cheat!Hell,I didn't cheat Mank,or Dynamite Dave Wigton,would I cheat a creep which I CAN BEAT WITH ONE ARM?"
He turns and spits on the still lying CreepSpark!
He throws the microphone to CreepSpark and dashes out of the ring,still infuriated!
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CreepSpark & Space Trucker
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