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PostSubject: The Elite...   The Elite... Icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2009 7:20 am

Arena lights go very dim as a now-familiar theme plays. Loud thunder echoes and heavy rainfall is heard. The titantron shows a dark, thick forest with heavy rain and wild wind moving the trees like they were feathers. Distant flashes of lightning occasionally shed some brief light...

The camera pans into the forest, between the trees, and through the branches as it catches up with something moving fast. As the camera gets closer, it slows down as a black wolf runs by it and it tries to keep up. The wolf cuts through the rain and wet plants and heads towards a high rock. It speeds off and makes a few jumps avoiding obstacles and climbs to the top of the rock where it becomes higher than the trees and facing a full moon that makes its way out of the clouds.

The wolf makes a deafening howl before the camera pans out and a giant lightning bolt hits the four ringposts and the titantron, which now shows a rock with a wolf's head etched on it and sparks flying off in all directions.

As the sound of rain and thunder fades out, the lights gradually fade back in, and DaWolf appears squatting on one of the ringposts. He is wearing his dark leather cape with a line of fur around it and a wolf's head instead of the cap. DaWolf is in dark torn leather pants and has black gloves on with small slits where the knuckles are, under which are several metallic retractable claws.

He is wearing his Elite championship belt around his waist. He makes a jump and lands inside the ring then walks around looking at the fans and receiving some cheers but the majority have no idea what to expect. DaWolf calls for a mic and is naded one. He speaks in a low, harsh voice...

I told you so... I told you that I will get back what was mine... I told you I would eliminate any obstacles... hell I even told you not to mess with me! SARAH CHANNING... you put the last bit of effort you had into screwing me up! You interfered in my matches, tried to infiltrate into my alliances, broke up my PACK, tried to deny me my title after wininng it, then made me give it up fighting my friend, and then when I had it coming back you had to put me in a tournament and I had to fight my way through, and you topped it all with my first title defense, same night I won the title, no breaks, in a freakin' HARDCORE match!!

DaWolf tries to breathe slowly and collect himself while some fans start applauding and cheering.

But you know what?... I pulled it off... I went through all that and won my title back.. IN YOUR FACE!!

More fans are cheering.

I have learned that alliances can be broken far easier than they are built, but I have also learned that some people would join you and stick to you through thick and thin, while others try to use your position of power and ditch you as soon as they got what they wanted. Nevertheless.. what you're lookin' at is someone who will have to make it on his own... for the time being at least. I do appreciate the reunion ideas but this will have to wait.

A word for the newcomers and the aspiring challengers: don't be blinded by gold.. you have a million ways to prove yourself. But if gold is what you want, then I'm waiting.. Expect blood to be spilled... expect bones to be broken... expect that and much more! This is war... and wars have to be fought eye to eye... RCW, here I come... AGAIN!!
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The Elite...
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