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 The gift for Soul

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The gift for Soul Empty
PostSubject: The gift for Soul   The gift for Soul Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 9:11 pm

After a long long talk with 2 strange guys, Rockyt go straight to the parking lot and meet Soul there.

Rockyt : are here Soul .
Soul : Who the hell you are . I have to go right now and you are BLOCKING MY WAY .
Rockyt : I'm the man who will bring you doom ...The nightmare of all the wrestler in the world . It's me who will KICK
YOUR ASS in your upcoming match

Soul : I don't care who you are . There were some men BUM BUM with me like you..but after the match they all had the
same result...They were all on the mat with the bloody face . And you are the new victim of the Wrestling
Machine . The greatest and the best ... Forgotten Soul me

Rockyt : I think it's the reason why I'm standing here .
Soul looks confused : What do you mean ?
Rockyt : I'm not the strong wrestler .. but i know the way to win .
Soul : ???? I dont have time with you ...stay out of my way

2 men appear with there baseball bat . While Soul is having a painful Low Blow by Rockyt . They all beat Soul and break his right arm.
Rockyt : Beating you when you are injured is much easier . That's my gift for you . Best wishes for you .
They leave Soul and go away with the laugh . HAHAHAHAHAAHA...............
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The gift for Soul
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