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PostSubject: Revelations   Revelations Icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2009 4:36 pm

(bmg is seen walking through the hallway)

bmg: Acsension is a season away.

(Telan and theRock meet Bmg at the entrance to an isolated room in the dark)

bmg: Remember, were here not to cause any issues, were here to add to our ranks, we can trust this man. When its all said and done, well be even stronger than before.

(Telan nods his head and theRock smirks as all three walk into the cold dark room)

bmg: So your actually here, Im pretty suprised. Ever since your debut here you seemed to impress not just me, but you were earning the respect of the roster. You were doing exactly what alot of wrestlers want to do, win. Hell, youve even beaten me in the ring and right after that I took intrest in your skills. I did not expect you to go through such lengths to find us, but I can tell winning is just not enough for you, and we feel the same way. I welcome you to Blackout, the soon to be most powerful force in wrestling today, together we will reign at the top. I will see you later after your match tonight to discuss our next move.

(the room goes pitchblack untill the room becomes completely bright, no one is in the room........)
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