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 Time to show who's the boss

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Time to show who's the boss Empty
PostSubject: Time to show who's the boss   Time to show who's the boss Icon_minitimeThu Aug 06, 2009 9:37 am

'Change the game' by Sean Paul is played on titan tron and the lights suddenly turn off and while they're starting slowly again Ursu' seems to be in the middle of the ring with the Teddynator in the right hand and the International Title on the left shoulder...

Ursu':Hello crowd!!

The crowd starts singing 'you s**k! you s**k!...'

Ursu':Thanks a lot guys !!Let's move to what I want... As you can see in the last time, a guy called Spinne started making many troubles around and this is getting more and more annoying although he never actually had something against me.

The crowd starts booing.

Ursu':I know it sounds strange because I'm a champ and so on , but I take the advantage of having this title on the shoulder and I challenge Spinne to a fight right here , tonight.

RCW theme is played on titan tron as George Steele appears with a microphone .

George:i don't know what's in your mind Ursu' or why do you want to appear here , suddenly in FNC , but this looks pretty nice, I can't wait to see Spinne kicking your a** and destroying you'r bossy attitude.

The crowd starts screaming: FNC ! FNC! ....

Ursu':Don't be so sure little oldie... I'm champ because I was stronger than all my opponents and it's time to add Spinne on my list now...

George:You won because of your tricks and because you was lucky , but let me assure you that this night you'll suffer a lot , unfortunately you'r not in International Ring show , so that this match can't be for title , but Spinne will still learn you a good lesson.

George goes back to backstage , while Ursu' starts to aplause .

Ursu':Yeah , sure really scared me this time.

Ursu' leaves the ring surrounded by boos and laughing.
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Time to show who's the boss
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