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 Business talk and conspiracies

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Business talk and conspiracies Empty
PostSubject: Business talk and conspiracies   Business talk and conspiracies Icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2009 4:04 pm

Space Trucker is standing outside George Steel's office,dressed in plain clothes-jeans,a white T-shirt and sport shoes.
He wants to talk business and his leather outfit is inappropriate,yet,a cheap suit would be worse.
He knocks at the door and a voice is heard from inside the office.

He goes in and sees George Steel punching some numbers to a calculator and taking notes.
"Good evening sir,may I have a couple of minutes of your time" he asks politely.
"Time is money..." The GM replies.
"You'll waste neither listening to me" ST replies,still standing.
"OK,I listen" the GM says.
ST remains silent.
The GM sighs and makes a vague gesture....
"OK,sit down and speak out"
ST sits down and says "I'd like to rent the Arena for a night,sir"
George Steel seems a bit surprised!
"What for?Are you planning a private show?"
"A short of..."ST says smiling.
"I'm getting married and the Arena is the perfect place for an after party-why waste good money,money I bled for,to a club?The arena has a great sound system,plenty of room,good security and the money stays in the federation!"
The GM scratched his chin....
" know the cost of running this place,is high" he said.
"I am aware of of that I prepared a contract-simple,but it covers everything!"
Space Trucker says confidently and hands over a printed page.
The GM takes it,studies it for a while and gives it back.

"That paper says that you'll pay all the staff that will work for the occasion,you have set aside an amount to cover operational costs,such as electricity,water and stuff,you even have thought of providing a temporary insurance contract in case of natural disasters,terrorist strike,robbery...I'm impressed!You seem like you know how to operate a business!"
ST replied with a grin "I have worked for a good amount of time as Chief of Security in various clubs,sir,these are things that any man in my position deserving his paycheck,should know-especially about insurance policies!"
George Steel smiled back!
"It seems like we can talk business,after all!
Tell me more about the event."

"Well,there will be five bands performing live,all the wrestlers of the roster will be invited,I'll provide food and beverages-nothing stronger than beer-and I believe the whole preparation,main event and clean up,won't take more than 16 hours,including a 2 hour margin for unpredicted events-malfunctions,replacing broken or worn out equipment etc."
George Steel laid back in his chair,thinking for a while....
He finally said
"Rock bands?"
ST said "Yes sir-good ones,local heroes,some have national distribution."
The Gm said "OK-here's the deal!Give me the rights to video and distribute the music part,as a bonus feature to our wrestler's DVD's-this way you won't have to pay for temporary insurance,since it will be an official event and anything that happens during official events,is handled by our main insurance.
Obviously,the bands will get paid for the event-by percentages of the sales.
Sign a contract that will bind you to cover all payments to the staff and possible damages not covered by our insurance plan.
As for paying a rent,it won't be necessary-there will be enough profit by the increasing of DVD sales."

George Steel stood up and offered his hand to ST.
"Sent me an invitation too and we have a deal,alright?"
ST got up,said "Yes sir,thank you!",took George Steel's hand and gave him a firm handshake.
ST left the room walking briskly,while George Steel remained standing and smiling.
"Like a lamb to the slaughter!" he whispered to himself,still grinning!
He sat down and pushed the intercom button.
"Yes mr. Steel?" his secretary answered.
"Get me a file with everything we know about Space Trucker-especially about his friends and enemies!" the GM barked!
He sat down to his chair and laid back.
"This is going to be a memorable event!" he said to himself......Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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Business talk and conspiracies
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