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 the gold crusade

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PostSubject: the gold crusade   the gold crusade Icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 3:43 pm

ooc: as I say in my profile I will change my name soit«'s useless to RP now if in two week I will cahnge name and gimmick but i want matches aswell so i'm proposing a tournament.

Oromius stands at the door of the GM office then opens it a bit a pop out his head to see if the GM is in there. as he sees so he enters.The GM is playing on the computer.

Oromius: Hi! George I a proposal to make you. Everyone one wants a chnce to get their hand on on some title I want , he wants , even the the arena janitor wants ; but do they are worth to get a chnce to get som gold??

The GM listens carfully trying to understand why the arena's janitor would get a title shot

oromius: I'm proposing a tournament eight people who anger as much as I do to get a title shot the four winning reach the semifinnals and the two worthy gladiators; that skill brought to that match will engage themselfs in a bloody match ON WICH ONLY THE SUPREME GOD OF THE RING WILL BE ABLE TO EFFORT!!! WINS A TITLE SHOT AGAINST THE PRESENT RCW honor title champion

oromius changes to a much more light sound of voice
Oromius: So what do you say boss do I have a chance to beat the hell out'a of everyone and get my title shot???

The GM looks to oromius and then with a non-caring voice says as he looks back to the computer

George Steel : yeah , yeah ; I will think on that later

oromius leaves the office seeming disapointed
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the gold crusade
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