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 No way out

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No way out Empty
PostSubject: No way out   No way out Icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2009 3:04 pm

*Wrath24 makes his way to the ring having in hands some papers that looks like a contract!
Wrath24: You guys all think what's wrong with me and why i am here right?
Wrath24:I'm here to give a job!Yeah you hear right a job!
Wrath24:I am asking here for someone who can do this job!Oh right you now think what is this job about!
Wrath24:Then look here i want pay someone who wants come here in the ring and tell me that he can do that like a man!
Wrath24:The job is about a bodyguard!Since in last days many guys want to bring me down i need to protect my self from this guys i don't want get injured!
Wrath24:I'l wait untill someone will come!!

*Wrath24 looks at the entrace waiting someone makes his way to the ring ...
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No way out
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