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PostSubject: OUR TRADEMARK   OUR TRADEMARK Icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 7:31 am

Spinne and Rey stand in front of the GM office door.

Spinne:Are you sure this will work?

Rey:It will!Now stop and act natural!

Rey knock's at the door.

Rey:Mr.Silva,it's Rey and Spinne!can we come in?

Silva:Come in,the door it's open!

Rey and Spinne enter the office:What do you what?

Rey:Well, and Spinne had work together for some time,but we didn't do this like a team.

Silva:Well this doesn't answered my question!

Spinne:What Rey's is trying to say Silva...


Spinne:Mr.Silva,what ever....

Silva:Not what ever,I'm the GM!OK?!

Rey:Your the boss!Spinne stop trying to help me,shut up!

Spinne:Ok!You do all the talking!I will be out side!
Spinne leaves the office.

Rey:Sorry about Spinne!He has a lot on his mind!AAA,yeah,about me and him!We what to make a tag team!We will be The Revenge's.But we need something from you!We need you to sign this paper so that we can register this name as a trademark,so that only us and RCW can use this name!

Silva:Ok!Give me that paper!There,happy?Now get out!I have work to do!

Rey:Have a nice night Mr.Silva.

Rey leaves the office and sees Spinne how is waiting for him!

Spinne:Well,did it work,did he sign?

Rey:Yeah,he sign!Work like I plan!

Unknown:You mean like I plan!

Spinne:O,it's only you!Job done!

Rey:Yeah,whit no help from you!So we done our part!Will you keep yours?

Unknown:When i will become Champion i will take care of you and Spinne!You will be my boy's,my back up!We will talk later!Need to do something!

Spinne:Yeah,take care!Yo Rey!!


Spinne:I don't like this guy!Yeah sure,we are here because of him,but what if he doesn't keep his part?

Rey:Well,then he will find out the hard way why we call our self The Revenge's
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