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 something going on pt2

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something going on pt2 Empty
PostSubject: something going on pt2   something going on pt2 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 8:06 pm

raver walks straight in to george steels office and starts pacing around

RAVER: george listen to me there is something going on i dont no what it is but im hearing things and im seeing stuff in my head i cant explain it i think im loseing it do you no anybody called mantus the voice i keep on hearing he says his name is mantus and his time for him to come back and he is using me to do it

raver carrys on pacing around george steels office

GEORGE STEEL: raver calm down what are you talking about hearing voices in your head

RAVER: look george im telling your there is something going on at i want it to stop look george im not wrestling tonight can i have the night off
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something going on pt2
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