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PostSubject: Mind Games   Mind Games Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 10:15 pm

(bmg enters the gm's office looking a little pissed)

George Steele: BMG! There you are, I mean aren't you happy?

bmg: Am I happy? Hmm, lets find out.

(bmg pulls up a chair resisting the urge to throw it at Steele and takes a seat)

bmg: Last week I asked for a title match, an Honor title match before Trendkill since honestly we know how the match will turn out, Lombard will be massacred, but I wanted to be the one to do it since I still have issues with him and Thunder.

George Steele: Well as far as I know, your issues between Blackout and the Warbirds are over, you saw International Ring didn't you?

(George Steele shows the footage of theRock vs Thunderhawk match)

George Steele: theRock beat Thunderhawk, plain and simple. I believe Thunderhawk has given up and as for Lombard, any problems you had with him watch the Honor Title match, it will ake you feel a lot better, its hardcore rules.

(bmg smiles, but then turns back to anger)

bmg: Very hilarious of you to let Trendkill deliver the beatdown I should be giving, but thats not the main issue. It turns out, you did give me a "title" match and strangly my match is also harcore rules. Of course of all people, it has to be Suicide.

George Steele: Yes, I did grant you that match, I deserve a thank you.

bmg: Funny......Don't B.S me old man Steele. Have you seen Suicide's matches lately. I'm afraid if I fight him, the ref will stop the match, I think your pulling strings and making him do that on purpose. Nothing is getting in my way from gaining my first title in RCW.

George Steele: Well I hope nothing happens during your match. Good Luck.

(bmg stands up)

bmg: Suicide hasn't experienced defeat in a while, and I will be the one to give him that feeling.

(the lights go out and bmg is gone when the lights are back up)
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Mind Games
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