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 The best of enemies...

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Space Trucker
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The best of enemies... Empty
PostSubject: The best of enemies...   The best of enemies... Icon_minitimeWed Aug 26, 2009 2:51 pm

Mank goes to the gym to find Space Trucker and warn him about the plans of George Steel.
As he goes near the door,he hears sounds of gun fighting,screams of agony,growls and horrible noises!
He rushes through the door and freezes!
Space Trucker is sitting in a lotus position (the commonest sitting position in Yoga),having his eyes fixed on the screen of a laptop placed in front of him.
From where Mank Stands,he can see that the laptop is playing a collage of ultra violent scenes,taken from newscasts,old horror movies and such.

"WHAT THE....?" Mank whispered to himself.
He approached Space Trucker and observed him-he seems lost in the mayhem on the screen.
He's sweating,he's breathing shallow and fast,his eyes are filled with terror,it is obvious that he doesn't enjoy this!
Mank waited and watched,trying to figure out what was Space Trucker doing.
He suddenly noted a change to Space Trucker.
ST's breath became slower and deeper,his eyes relaxed,he stopped sweating-the events on the screen seem to stop affecting him!

"ST?" Mank said reluctantly.
Space Trucker turned startled!
"Mank!" he said,"what are you doing here?"
"I'll ask you the same question" Mank said and pointed to the laptop "What is that sh*t?"
"Training" ST replied.
"What kind of training is this?Feeding off the negativity of those images?Trying to get crazier than you already are?"
ST looked deep into Mank's eyes.
"Quite the opposite,my friend" he said "I'm trying to learn how to stay calm and focused,in violent and dangerous situations,shutting out negativity and not letting anything cloud my thoughts and twist my emotions."
Mank stayed silent for a while.
"I don't get it." he said.
"Look-remember what happened in the gym with you and DaWolf?" ST asked.
"Well,yeah...." Mank said.
"What happened,was triggered by negative feelings and thoughts-seeing my two best friends attacking each other like that,kick started a process I can't control!"
Space Trucker's eyes suddenly became watery!
"What if that happens again,Mank?What is it happens again when Shelly is around?You know I can't tell friends from foe when I'm like this!What if I hurt her?Kill her?"
He suddenly hid his face into his palms and started sobbing!
Mank felt very uncomfortable-he didn't know what to do!
Luckily,ST stopped in a few seconds.
He lifted his head and said to Mank
"This condition may have saved my life,but it has also ruined it!I couldn't get close to anyone,fearing that this might happen!
Now,for the very first time in my life,I'm so close to a person and I'm scared!
I'm really scared,Mank!"

Mank seized the opportunity to bring up the subject.
"Actually,this is why I dropped by-to warn you that our "beloved" George Steel in up to no good about your after party!He called me to his office and tried to buy me into ruining your party,hoping that you'll do something worth recording and selling!"
ST's got serious,his jaw clenched...
"Did George do that?I should expect it from him!I offered a good deal but noooo!He wants more....Well,I may surprise him!"
Mank's eyes narrowed!
"Don't do anything stupid,Punching Bag!" he said.
"No way Mank-things will run smooth" ST replied.
"I don't believe you-you have something in mind" Mank insisted.
"What I have in mind,is giving him nothing of what he wants-things will run smooth and he will hate every single minute of the after party!" ST replied confidently.
"Anyway,I'll be around to make sure you won't do anything stupid!" Mank replied!
"I'd be glad to have you around Mank-after all,you're my best enemy!" ST said smirking!
"And you are the most annoying punching bag I ever had!" Mank replied sharply!
Mank got up and headed to the exit.
"Hey,Mank!" ST said.
Mank turned.
"Thanks man!"
Mank made a vague gesture,turned his back to ST and walked away.
If ST could see Mank's face,he would have seen something that none had ever seen before,a genuine smile on Mank's face-not a grimace,a smirk a hideous snarl of fury-just a simple,warm smile!
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The best of enemies...
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