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 The Elite Title IR 2009/08/30

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The Elite Title IR 2009/08/30 Empty
PostSubject: The Elite Title IR 2009/08/30   The Elite Title IR 2009/08/30 Icon_minitimeThu Aug 27, 2009 6:56 pm

The arena goes dark and when the light goes on the whole ring is coated in black smoke after the smoke lift you can see Telan standing in the Ring holding a mic.

Telan: Well on Friday i made my return after a little breake and when i got back i was really disappointed becourse all i get too fight was a no one who nobady cares about and you all could see it in my fight. But then yesterday i when i talk with Sarah Channing she gave me that what i deserve a Title shot at DaWolf Title.

The crowds begins to chant you suck and you deserve nothing we hate you loser.

But Telan just lift his Tag Title in the air and speaks.

Telan: Thats is the prove that all of you are wrong i may have never won a singles Title but i will win this time i will beat DaWolf and become the new Elite Champian and i will add more gold too Blackout. With this Blackout will be one step closer too total domination and when we reach this goal of us then there will be no one stoping us anymore.

Telan grin evil and then the light goes off and then it goes on after it you can see Telan holding a Tonfa in each of his hands.

Telan: That are my new helpers the will make sure that no one get the idea of trying and stoping me from getting the Elite Title and of course the are a little harder then normal Tonfa.

After it the light goes out and after the are on again only Black smoke is left there ehrer Telan was standing.
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The Elite Title IR 2009/08/30
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