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 You think!

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PostSubject: You think!   You think! Icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 3:55 am

Asparake stands in the middle of the ring whit a mic in his hand.

Asparake:Well,here we are,another International Ring show!But this one is a especial one!Tonight is the show before a revolutionary night!Yeah,that's right!In one week,in this ring there will be a I quit Match between me and Ursu!But what is so great?The fact that i will win that match and become the new Champion!All will change when I'm the champ!Ursu,man, you call your self a Champion!? You don't have anything to prove that!You hide behind Zeratu,you hide behind the judges decisions, you do this and you walk here like you the Man! I'm a third generation superstar!Wrestling is in by blood,being a champ it's my legacy! In one week Ursu,you will give me that championship!

As Asparake approach the ropes to leave the ring Ursu's music starts to play.

Ursu:Wait just a minute there Asparake!You think that you come here,say all those things and just leave? You say that I'm scared of you, afraid? I'm not cared of you Asparake!You not the wrestler that you were!Your starting to wait,you are a old man for this sport!

Asparake:ooo,I'm a old man!?Ok,if I'm a old man,then you are a ugly baby!And your not afraid of me?Then what does Miss Universe doing here?

Zeratu:Miss Universe?You got joke's!Ok,who about i came there and tell you a knock,knock joke on your head!

Asparake:That all that you got?A knock knock joke?Sorry, but it seams that in the end you both are just a big joke for RCW,as a champion,but as a Tag Team too!

Ursu:Us,a joke as Tag Team!Asparake,we are one of the best!

Zeratu:And we will prove you that we are,the hard way!How about me and Ursu versus you and a man of you choice!?

Asparake:Sure!There is a man that told me that he will back me up!So tonight it will be The Cheerleaders Vs Asparake&Agentul007!
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You think!
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