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 new power in FNC

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PostSubject: new power in FNC   new power in FNC Icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 3:30 pm

*Wrath24 walks around and around backstage looking he searching somebody...
Wrath24:Damn all the day i searched him and where he is now?Space Trucker do you know where he is?
Space Trucker:No dude i looked after him also...
*Wrath24 is looking angry and thinks about somethig...
Wrath24:We need finish this before match!I want to make a surprise in the ring!
Space Trucker:I know Wrath24 but somehow he is not here today!
*Wrath24 is surprised looking at someone who is coming near him!
Wrath24:Finaly your here we will make a surprise tonighit in the ring!I'm so glad that your here!
Space trucker is happy too and laughs with Wrath24 about their match...
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new power in FNC
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