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 The Curse of Last Blood

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The Curse of Last Blood Empty
PostSubject: The Curse of Last Blood   The Curse of Last Blood Icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 7:32 pm

(bmg sits in a dark corner inside the lockeroom)

bmg: Why last blood?

(bmg stands up and looks at his national championship belt)

bmg: I can't stand the sight of blood, why put me in that match of all matches!

(Aimee Rainfor approaches bmg curiously)

Aimee Rainfor: Bmg, may I ask you a few questions?

bmg: Why not? Go on, I'm bored anyway.

Aimee Rainfor: Last week you pulled off what many would call your biggest victory thus far by defeating Suicide in a Hardcore Rules match, but something was bothering the fans, neither of you used a single weapon during that match, it was like a normal match between you two, I also noticed Suicide could not find any weapons, it was like they were all taken before the match, do you know why?

bmg: Of course I know, I had Blackout remove all weapons prior to the match when I made my entrance, it was a normal one fall match, I wanted to prove i can beat Suicide without the use of the hardcore rules concept.

Aimee Rainfor: It seems like your hiding something, like the real reason you had them all removed.

bmg: What makes you say that? I thought this was an interview, what I said goes.

Aimee Rainfor: Before I came up you said something about not standing the sight of blood, is that why? You had them taken because you fear blood.

bmg: Is that all you came up to me for, are you saying I'm a wimp. Do you realy want to piss me off.

(Before bmg can go any further Jason Silva enters the room)

Jason Silva: There he is, its the RCW National Champion, than man who ended Suicides long unbeaten streak. I rarly make appearances especially on Friday Night Chaos, but I just wanted to inform you that I made George Steele declare that match type tonight. You see I have really been feeling funny about this Blackout faction and I can't have you holding the national, junior tag, and elite belts at the same time, that would just give you guys too much power, and no one has more power than me. I used a golden opportunuty to strip Telan and theRock of the tag titles and I guarantee the elite title as well as the national title will be extremely difficult to defend from now on. Think of this as a skirmish between you 4 and real power in this company. Step out of line and you may join the future endevors club.

(Jason Silva walks out the lockeroom but before he closes the door.......)

Jason Silva: You don't have much time, I suggest you get over that fear of yours and win.

(Jason Silva leaves)

bmg: Funny, very funny, I'll put on a real good show for you, I hope you watch.

(bmg walks to the lockeroom door)

Aimee Rainfor: So you fear blood? You forgot your belt bmg!

(bmg grabs the mic from Aimee and throws it in the trash canand takes the national title and is about to throw it away as well but stops)

bmg: This belt is one big curse, but i will keep this curse out of my own personal greed.This interview is over, get lost.

(bmg leaves the lockeroom)
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The Curse of Last Blood
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