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 Identity Quest

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PostSubject: Identity Quest   Identity Quest Icon_minitimeWed Sep 02, 2009 5:15 am

A camera shows a golden sign on a wall, close to a door. It is too far away to allow us to see what is written on it, but we can clearly see a silhouette walking in the door, wearing a mask. Thunderhawk's one. He takes it off as soon as he passes the door, as the camera follows him, thus enabling us to see what's written.
"Doctor H.J. Madbrayne, Psychologist."

We are now in the doctor's office.
Hawk, still turning his back to the camera, shakes hands with the doctor and sits on a chair in front of his desk. The doc watches him above his thick-lensed glasses and shakes his head.

"No, no ... From the moment when you sat here, i could guess that you're far from being right." he says with a strong but undefined accent. "Just tell me what's wrong ... None of all the "tell me about your childhood" rubbish, please."

"Well, I just ..."
"Shut up !!" The doc's harsh tone took Hawk by surprise, so much that he almost falls from his chair. "I just saw the problem. Since when you entered."
The doc takes his glasses off. "If you continue at this pace, my friend, you won't need me anymore. You'll rather need a good funeral." Hawk visibly swallows with difficulty

"Err .. wh ... Why ?" he mutters.
"It's quite simple. You have a serious form of depression." Hawk asks himself how he managed to understand it only by watching him. "This is probably due by what I call ... Identity problem."

The doc keeps watching him.
"You are a wrestler, right ?"
"Sort of."
"Wrong answer. Who are you, really ?"
"Well ... Should I say the truth ?"
"I'm not a priest, but ... sure, you should."
"Ok, then ... I ... think I'm just useless, ... And I ..."

The doc interrputs him with his hand. "Remember who you are. You'll go nowhere if you forget what you are, and what is your goal. You live just because you don't dir, without a goal, without being an individual, but being just like a robot."

Hawk seems to recall his last matches, and his mechanical, automatic ... and losing actions.
"Get back to the old, the real Thunderhawk. And everything will be fine. Keep on this self-destructing path, and ... well, you can guess. I know that what im saying is quite ... obscure. But understand it, and it'll be alright."

Hawk stands up, shakes the doc's hand, and heads to the door, his face still hidden from the camera.
"And remember : return to what you were. Get out of the mess in which you are. Do it not for me, not for your hypothetical fans, but for yourself. Got it ?"

Hawk nods quite happily.
"I think i got it", he replies, then leaves.
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Identity Quest
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